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You can have your own job board!

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Each job post on your dashboard is linked to your ID, so when someone applies through using your link and gets a job - you get a bounty.

But you don't want to promote one link at a time. So each Recrooiter can now have a job board.

This unique Recrooit feature will showcase up to six job posts you choose linked to your Recrooit ID. It's as simple as copy-paste.

You can place this link on your website, social media, or wherever you prefer or promote it using ads.

How to create a job board

Adding positions to the job board

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Find the position you want to add to your job board

  3. Click three dots on far right

4. Click Add to job board

5. Repeat until you have picked out 6 positions

Sharing your job board

This is what a list of positions you've picked out looks like. Click the star icon to mark any of the position as your favourite.

To get the link to your job board, click the button on top of the nav bar: Copy link to your job board.

That's it! You can now paste the link wherever you feel like:

  1. Share the link from social media bio

  2. Link to it from your blog or website

  3. Share it across chats, groups or pages

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