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How to promote affiliate links through your community
How to promote affiliate links through your community

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income because the only requirement is to share the links with people you know or in networks you are familiar with. There are no hoops to jump through.

Here’s what we recommend you do to promote your affiliate link through your community.

  1. Be active in your communities. Comment, like, and engage with other members to build connections that can later boost your affiliate link placings.

  2. Take advantage of the promotion items like graphics, information, and guidance that Recrooit offers you, ask us for help when you need it.

  3. Create content to link into like posts or blogs.

  4. Comment on questions where the link could be useful, for Recrooit it could be ones asking for job recommendations, opening, or recruitment resources.

  5. Use Facebook groups and Slack communities to maximize your reach

  6. Add your affiliate link to your newsletters, or email signatures.

  7. Include the link in your profiles, video, and podcast descriptions.

  8. Write reviews and share your experience in forums.

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