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How freelance recruiters use Recrooit
How freelance recruiters use Recrooit

Don’t freelance alone! Recrooit gives you the tools for success.

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Freelance recruiters are an important part of Recrooit platform, they are a driving force for new sourcing networks, innovating hiring techniques plus they bring their experience and skills into the mix. All those traits make them one of the groups that could benefit the most from using Recrooit.

1. Referral Links: Source candidates on social media

Long gone are the days you had to ask candidates to apply via email. All you have to do now is share your link on social media, and they can apply directly to the companies job post.

Each Recrooiter has a unique ID. This allows you to use your personal referral links to each job post to collect candidates on social media. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick a position and copy the referral link

  2. Paste on social media

  3. Manage candidates

If a candidate gets hired you can collect and cash out on that referral fee or bounty. You get to keep candidate ownership over the next six months.

2. Referral Job Board: Passive income

As a freelance recruiter, you probably have a strong following on your social media accounts. Recrooit offers you an opportunity to make money with little effort, through its passive income sources.

Job board

You can have your own job board now! Pick your six favourite positions and add them to your job board. You can link to the job board from your blog, website or have it featured on your social media profiles. That way you can source candidates with little effort and still make money.

3. Your own ATS: Manage your candidates

In their dashboard recruiters will be able to see new job openings, read job descriptions, and check on their candidate’s status, not to mention collect the bounties, or referrals fees that new hires generate.

This dashboard will serve as a unique job board plus recruitment management station, acting as a one-stop-shop for all their freelance recruitment needs.

Recrooit Community

The Recrooit community also offers support in terms of recruitment tips, training, and keeping you updated on knowledge and trends through our blog. Plus, the opportunity to make further connections that can prove useful in other job hunts or professional settings.

4. Affiliate marketing

Our affiliate marketing program is open to all recrooiters, and it’s super simple to participate and earn money. Here is a rundown of what affiliate marketing looks like with Recrooit.

  • A high, 20% recurring commission.

We’ll give you 20% of all the recurring payments your users make. This creates a win-win situation since we reward you a part of the profits while you earn money through our platform.

  • We give you the promo materials

The platform will provide you with our links or banners as well as a variety of other helpful resources and tips to boost your affiliate earnings.

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