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How to promote your affiliate link as a developer
How to promote your affiliate link as a developer

Here are some ideas on how to promote your affiliate link

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There is more than one way to refer and earn money with Recrooit, because we want to make it easy for developers to see rewards from joining the community. That’s why we created the affiliate program, where devs can recommend the platform to others and get paid for it.

What do developers who are affiliates get?

Recrooit’s affiliate program is built around providing its members with all the tools they need to easily get more people to sign up, with no hassle, and all the rewards.

  • Above-average commission of 20% of whatever recurring payments their affiliates make

  • Graphic support for promoting affiliate links

  • Assistance directly from a Recrooit team member

  • Training and tools from available in the platform and blog

  • Extra perks for higher performance

There are many ways to include your affiliate promotion to link into your work or interactions as a developer. Here are some examples and tips.

  1. Recruiter spam

Do you get a lot of recruiters' messages? Even once you kindly decline the offer, they ask for referrals, right?

Right! These messages are an excellent opportunity to monetise on the volume of recruiters' messages you get.

Send them your affiliate link. They get a discount, you make money.

Here's a template:

Hello, {RecruiterName},

Thank you for the offer! However, at the moment I'm not considering changing jobs.

I suggest you look into Recrooit, I think you can get great recommendations from there. Here's a link to sign up: [link]



Payback time, Marla. 😌

2. Communities

You're probably a member of different Slack channels, IndieHackers, Facebook groups, Quora, etc. These are cool channels to promote your link.

Don't overdo it, tho. If it feels like it's really helping the other side, feel free to suggest Recrooit and share your affiliate link with the community.

We made sure all sides are happy, and you are actually doing them a favour helping them get the talent they need.

3. Your digital assets

Got a blog? YT channel? Big on Twitch? Awesome newsletter?

Yup, all off these might be a good choice to promote the link and make money out of companies that sign up.

You can recommend it as a resource, write a blog post about it, or even make a video. If you need help with these, feel free to reach out. Our marketing team will be happy to help.

4. Company you work at

If it feels its right, sent the link to your company's recruitment department. Recrooit has helped many companies hire amazing talent and diversify their teams through referrals, so why not help your own?

Still not on Recrooit? Join us and earn from referring your peers for advertised positions.

Something we didn't cover?

These are just ideas on how you can promote your link, but there is always room for improvement. If we missed something, or you'd like to simply share your ideas, love and support, email us at

Someone will be in touch with you in no time. ✌️

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