How communities use Recrooit

We have built a platform that boosts different groups, that can be used to grow, connect and make an impact.

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Recrooit is community-based through and through so we have built a platform that boosts those groups, one they can use to grown, connect and make an impact.

The Recrooit platform was built around using the sourcing potential of referrals, and that power comes from communities, either building them or reinforcing them. So, it makes sense to make it so that many groups can use Recrooit for more than one purpose and that they can benefit from the platform in many different ways.

Community building for Recrooit starts with the union of the recrooiters, companies, and founder or startups organization as players in the recruitment process and then part of a whole ecosystem of spaces like our Facebook Group, Slack, and more.

Referral links are safe and secure

You get your own referral link for each open job position, a link that’s tied to your Recrooit account. That’s how we make sure any candidate that applies and gets hired through links is traced back to you and the position.

Not only can you easily share a job post with a referral link, but you will also find a ton of resources on where and how to distribute your links in order to source great candidates and making bounties.

🔥 You can create your own job board 🔥

Create your own job board with Recrooit’s platform. Where you can put together all the open job positions at your company. Use it as a professional job board, organizational tool, or independent career page. This board will provide your networks a wider range of openings to source for and more chances for you to meet recruitment goals.

This unique Recrooit feature will showcase all your job openings available within the platform, updated whenever you need them, and linked to your Recrooit ID. You can place this link on your website, social media, or wherever you prefer, for a passive collection of candidates.

Here is a breakdown of how we see the Recrooit community.

Who is part of the community?

  • Recrooiters

  • Tech talent

  • HR professionals

  • Founders and startup teams

  • You!

What are the spaces created for the community?

  • Recrooit Dashboard, to manage candidates and communicate between recruiting parties

  • Facebook group, share ideas, blogs, memes, and casual conversation

  • Slack, support each other links, content, get advice, and updates

  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, highlighting community members, tag us, follow us and let’s start a conversation

  • Recrooit Blog, content created to benefit our community, shining a spotlight on members and giving resources for all

  • LinkedIn, grown your network through the Recrooit community, add people you know, share your links and let’s thrive together!

So, how can these groups of people building a community in those spaces benefit from Recrooit.

Grown their numbers

One of the best ways that communities can use Recrooit is simply to grow in numbers. Becoming a recrooiter or joining the platform to hire, opens the doors to meeting and exchanging information with different people, from industries that you could be looking to enter. Plus, you will have many different channels to connect with them from the casual FB Group to a more direct and professional slack channel.

This union of individuals from different backgrounds but with common goals is a part of the Recrooit mission, and what we are trying to encourage by creating all those community spaces.

Create and innovate

Good communities boost the potential of their members, and it’s what we are hoping Recrooit can do. Having a group of talented professionals together can be the perfect environment for the creation of new and better ways to recruit or innovations in other fields.

We wish for the connections made here to create success on the platform and beyond it.

Share opportunities

Not only are recrooiters, companies, and founders going to be sharing job openings plus referrals rewards, there is also the opening to share more types of opportunities. The connection made between candidates, recruiters, and hiring clients can give way to collaboration between companies or brands, the creation of non-profit efforts, building personal relationships, and more!

Network and leverage

Whether referrals turn into hiring or not, everyone involved still gets the chance to create a bigger professional network that they can later use for seeking opportunities within those companies or calling up candidates for new positions. We understand the value of referrals and want to help everyone that’s a part of Recrooit to leverage it for their benefit.

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