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Bloggers, designers and more can use Recrooit’s features to generate passive income with little effort

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Blogging is one of the most useful channels for recruiting tech talent, and community building, so Recroit made it a goal to create a feature that integrates it into its recruitment process. Through technology talent and developers who also blog we can reach a whole new audience that might not be directly looking for jobs.

Seeing those links in an interesting piece, or coming from a respected figure can increase the chances of getting those high-quality candidates we want.

Your own job board

We made it really easy since we want bloggers and others that want to use this feature to be able to do so without complications. Once you join Recrooit you will get your very own referral job board. So, you can post that exclusive link to your blog or portfolio site to generate more income.

How to use your personal referral job board?

This personal referral job board is going to be tied to the user’s ID, so any successful candidate hires resulting from it will generate a referral reward for the poster.

This is another great way to generate passive income through the content you are already creating, all you have to do is add the link to it.

Who else can use this Recrooit feature?

This personal referral job board feature is not only for tech bloggers, since Recrooit’s platform is open to more than one type of talent hunt, if you have a way to place this link naturally, go for it!

Web designers, project managers and more, can just add this link to their portfolio sites or any channel they think will generate traffic, and where they can source candidates to apply for the job openings.

You post the link, wait and earn referral bounties.

Tips for using your referral job board

Get your passive income with little effort

  • Place it within content related to the job openings when possible.

  • Put the link on your social media profile

  • Add a job board tab in the nav bar of your portfolio website

  • Promote the link in a newsletter

  • Explain what it is, short sentences like “Looking for work, apply here” or “Job opening a click away” make it your own

  • You can shout-out Recrooit if you want, tag us so people can see our profiles and know we are legit

Contact us for support or promo material if you want them at

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