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Referral links are the simplest way to passively make money.

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Each job on your dashboard has your unique ID. This allows you to share the job posts across the web and collect candidates.

Once someone applies for the job through your referral link, you get a bounty once they get the job.

Here's how to find your referral links.

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on a position you'd like to share

  2. Copy referral link

  3. Share it

That's it!

Don't feel like adding the candidate manually? Shoot them the link to apply themselves.

Where can I share referral links?

  • Your social media

Sometimes it's as easy as posting on your LinkedIn:

Hey, look at this cool job I found on Recrooit: [LINK]

  • Tech communities on Slack and Discord

Slack communities with #job channels are an excellent option to spread the word about that job you liked and harvesting candidates. Highlight what you liked about the it, and help someone get an awesome job!

  • Social media groups

There are niche groups on Facebook meant for sharing job opportunities. Here's some examples to get you started:

Something we didn't cover?

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