What is Recrooit?

Discover the best recruitment platform out there, what you can use it for, and who’s behind it.

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Recrooit is the all-needs covered referrals digital platform for those looking to take full advantage of their recruitment networks. If you are looking to give freelance recruitment a chance and make money with your skills this is the site for you.

Recrooit referral recruitment platform has two functions: one for you our recrooiter, and one for companies. On your side, you will have complete access to job posting information and tools to manage your candidate, plus other great features like:

  • Read detailed job post (no hidden salary, no mystery companies)

  • Sort through job posts with your preferred filters

  • Manage candidates and get updated on their status automatically

  • Post job openings in different channels with unique links that tie that bounty to your profile

  • Communicate with the hiring manager on the company side

  • Get support from Recrooit’s team

  • Receive graphic bundles for posting your links with style

With Recrooit you can harness your connections in your professional environment into cash rewards by referring people to jobs. You can do it all from one platform, with complete anonymity, plus get paid online and whenever you want.

About our Founder

Nevena Sofranic: worked as a tech recruiter then founded her own agency, led it to success, and now has created Recrooit to bring a new complete platform to serve recruiters and hiring partners. Reach out to her on LinkedIn.

That’s why this platform works well on both sides of the equation, we’ve made sure of that. We have enough perspective and insight to consider what can help you do your job well and easily, plus what can make tech talent feel at ease and enthusiastic about getting hired.

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