Candidate overview

Learn everything you need to know about the candidate to make a decision.

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Candidate overview is a the page that contains all the information submitted by the candidate or provided by the Recrooiter. Here you can learn about:

  • Candidates' skillset

  • Candidate status

  • Expected salary range

  • Notice period

  • Brief recommendation

  • Referral bounty

  • Candidate contact information

  • Preview their CV

Get in touch with the Recrooiter

Communicate and secure an amazing candidate experience seamlessly through Recrooiter chat. Have more questions about the candidate or need help scheduling an interview? Ask your Recrooiter for help by sending them a message.

How to download a candidate's CV

Want to take a closer look at a particular candidate’s CV, then do the following:

  1. Go to your dashboard.

  2. Pick the position to see the list of candidates.

  3. Search the candidate you're looking for and click their tab.

    Recrooit candidates

Once the profile is open you will see the download CV option, click and download.

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