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Glossary of Recrooit & tech recruitment terms
Glossary of Recrooit & tech recruitment terms

A simple guide of tech recruitment lingo and terminology

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We don’t expect you to know everything, in fact, we are here to help if you need us, that’s why we put together a list of terms you will often find in Recroot’s platform and some of the broader definitions used in tech recruitment.

  • Bounty: this is the referral fee that recruiters will earn once a candidate they referred gets hired. Setting the right bounty boosts the chances of success in finding quality candidates for the job position.

It can only be collected and charged if the referral is hired.

  • Candidates: these are the profiles of prospective professionals that apply for job openings, they can come from referrals or direct applications. They can be separated and classified according to status in the candidate dashboard.

  • Candidate Status: these are the classification given to job candidates according to where they are in the process. Divided into:

    • Applied

    • In process

    • Rejected

    • Hired

    • Referred

  • Company plans: to use the platform you must choose a plan. These plans determine the features you will enjoy within Recrooit, also depending on your recruitment needs.

  • Dashboard: your dashboard is the place where you can control your recruitment activities, both as recrooiter and company. Every piece of information is held in the same place. On the dashboard, you can organize, change and review all the aspects of the recruitment process. This is where the magic happens.

  • Referrals: referrals are one the best sources of talent and candidates for a job opening. These work when someone in your network or your recruitment network, recommends another person to a position, because of the conection it increases the chances of it being a quality lead.

  • Referral links: these are links made to be shared in social networks to spread the word on the job opening. Recrooit’s referrals links are uniquely created to maintain recruiters’ ties to the job so they can collect referral fees.

  • Referral fee: basically the same thing as bounties. Referral fees are the reward that a recruiter gets after making a successful referral.

  • Recrooiters: one of the most important parts of our platform. Recrooiters is how we call out recruiters, they are from all backgrounds and have the network power to get the best candidates in through the door.

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