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Move candidates through different phases of the process by changing their status

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You can easily check candidate status by login into Recrooit and accessing your dashboard.

Once you are there head over to the candidate section of your dashboard. Your candidates will be displayed in a list format, and the information in rows, from left to right it will read:

1. The name of the candidate

2. The status of the candidate. you will also find this divided into tabs at the top of the candidate list for easy selection, candidates will be filtered and colour-coded into.

  • Applied - Blue

  • In process - Yellow

  • Rejected - Red

  • Hired - Green

  • Referred - Purple

3. The date they applied on

How to change candidate status

Need to move a candidate moving from accepted to in-process or rejected? Here are the easy steps to do so:

  1. Open your job list on your dashboard

  2. Find the candidate you candidate that needs a status change

  3. Click over the status bar and unfold the menu

  4. Select the right status

  5. Save and done!

How to filter candidates through status

Once you have a few candidates you will probably need an easier way to separate and filter through them, right? Well, here it is.

On the top row of the candidate list, you will see the status sections, so you can easily browse through candidates that have been separated. Knowing who is where in just a few clicks.

Remember you can separate candidates into:

  • Applied

  • In process

  • Rejected

  • Hired

  • Referred

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