Step 2: Set the bounty

Learn how to set the referral fee for your job post

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What's a bounty?

Referral fees or Bounties, as we like to call them on Recrooit, are the incentive you will give recruiters to refer qualified candidates for your job opening. They are an integral part of having a successful recruitment experience, so think carefully about this number when posting a job.

To make sure your bounty or referral fee gets the job done you need to take into consideration the difficulties of the job post sourcing:

  1. The candidate qualifications

  2. Location of the job

  3. Salary

Essentially, how hard is it going to be to find the candidate you want and how much are you willing to compensate the person that finds them. Make sure the search difficulty correlates to the bounty so you can get better results.

How to set a bounty?

Setting a bounty is an essential part of recruitment, this is the incentive that recrooiters will have to look for your candidates so it’s important you get this step right.

Once you have the job description down, you will see on the right side of it white square space to fill out the bounty information:

  1. You can set the bounty amount by clicking on the smaller rectangle in the top right corner and typing out the numbers, you can also use the minus and plus buttons to change the number.

  2. You will then need to fill out the billing information with the name, email, and card information.

👉 Remember: The bounty fee will charged if a hire is made.

Not sure what bounty to set? Check out our Bounty Guide.

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