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With Recrooit you can manage all of your company’s open job posts in one place, talk to recruiters, receive referrals, manage candidates and post the job yourself in easy steps!

Recruitment is a busy process with companies needing to talk to recruiters, candidate applications that require classification, and much more. With Recrooit you have the power to concentrate all your efforts in one place, organized in a single dashboard, and with the greatest sourcing tool available, referrals!

Recrooit was founded by Nevena Sofranic and Vedran Opacic. Nevena and Vedran have brought together decades of recruitment, management and software development experience to create an intelligent platform that streamlines the recruitment market.

Founded by people that understand all sides of recruitment, we’ve been where you are, we’ve been recruiting and in the shoes of the candidates you want, so we built the platform that can respond to all those needs.

When you join Recrooit, you can:

  • Create job post with detailed information

  • Add a bounty or referral fee to your job posts

  • Share job posts directly on Social Media and generate links to share in other channels

  • Have an army of “recrooiters” sourcing the best candidates referrals can get you

  • Manage candidate applications

  • Talk to recruiters

  • Reject multiple candidates at once

  • Create personalized rejection letters for candidates

  • Switch between your company and recrooiters account

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