How to set up a company account on Recrooit

💡TLDR: Visit, enter your details and follow the steps.

To set up your new company account on Recrooit you will need to head to first to register and get started.

company signup recrooit
  1. Add full name, email address, company name and password. Click Sign up and proceed to verify your account with a 4-digit code sent to your email.

  2. After your account is verified, you will be able to login to your company dashboard.

  3. Once you have logged into your dashboard you will need to pick a plan in order to post your first hiring campaign. If you'd like to give it a spin before committing - pick the Basic plan for 15 day free trial.

Signing in and out of your profile

Whenever you want to sign in to your account head over to and enter your email address, password and click login. You're in!

👉 Extra tip: remember you can always check the box below to “remember my login info”, so you don’t have to enter your information every time you sign in.

To sign out of your account click over the profile figure on the top right corner and click in sign out, see you soon!

There are three essential steps to using Recrooit.

  • Step 1: Post a job

  • Step 2: Set a bounty

  • Step 3: Share your job post

Reset your password

If you want to set a new password for safety reasons or because you forgot, there are two ways to do so.

If you don't remember the password:

  1. Go to the login page

  2. Click the “Forgot?” button next to the password field. It will lead you to a reset password page.

  3. Enter the email you used to register on the platform and you will receive a link to your inbox.

  4. The link will open a new window so you can enter your new password, save and login with your new password!

If you know the password, but would like to change it:

  1. Head over to My profile from your dashboard

  2. Enter your current password

  3. Enter your new password

  4. Confirm your new password

  5. Click Change password

change password Recrooit

👉 Remember: A good password is a great protection shield, stay away from using public personal information like birthdays and names. Try the generated password options, or go with a more complex approach. Stay safe!

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